A Message From Our Chairs

As one of the largest sports clubs at the University of Surrey, Hockey is a diverse club to join. Having three BUCs Ladies' teams, two BUCs Men's teams, a Mixed team, Small Sided Hockey, Intramural Leagues, a link up with Saturday league club TeamSurrey Spartans and Charity Tournaments there are plenty of opportunities for all abilities to get involved with the Hockey Club.

Whether you have years of experience, want to get back into the sport or are a complete beginner, we cater for all.

Playing hockey isn't all the club has to offer, as the social side is by no means less important. Whole club socials each week keeps the club exciting and fresh, from fancy dress to meals out, it's always great fun and an excellent way to meet new people.

All year round we welcome you to come and have a go.

Hockey is the sport for you.

Tom and Kez

(Chairman and Chairlady)


With two mens and three ladies teams there is plenty of opportunity to play at a competitive level every Wednesday. With both our 1st teams in Southeastern 1A, hockey has become recognised as a performance sport within Surrey.


Most of our members would agree that they play hockey to spend time with their friends and enjoy the great atmosphere that the sport breeds. Mixed hockey retains that competitive element whilst having a more relaxed tone than BUCS Wednesday.

Small Sided

Never played hockey before but wan’t to get into the sport? Small sided hockey is a great way to build up your skills in a friendly and supportive environment. Sessions run every Sunday, with Intramural occurring once a month.


Team Surrey Spartans play an integral role within university hockey, allowing students to continue playing at the weekends. They cater for all levels of ability whether you are pushing yourself to the peak of your hockey performance, or looking to start playing competitively for the first time.

A tiny taste of UOSHC

Matchday is BACK! 💙💛

Join us as we face off against Canterbury’s 1st teams in a double header from the start of the season. Featuring some questionable filming, inspirational commentary, and of course; our best moves. If you could summarise OCOL* in one video, this would be it.

*(One Club One Love)


Matchday is BACK 💙💛 We let the University of Surrey Hockey Club loose with our GoPro for their double-header against Canterbury last week. Featuring 'unbelievable scenes', terrible filming an all important win, you don't want to miss this one! #Stags #TeamSurrey

Posted by Team Surrey on Thursday, 18 October 2018


We currently offer two mens teams which have both recently been promoted into Southeastern 1A and 3A leagues respectively. Training is held every Monday from 20:00 - 22:00 and Thursdays 20:30-22:00 at AGP 2 on the sports park.

Men’s 1st XI


Hi guys, I am a second years International business student who joined the Hockey club in my first year. I have played Hockey since I was 15 and always wanted to play University Hockey and it was one of the best decisions signing up to play for Surrey Hockey. This year the first team have been promoted to 1A league which is a highly competitive league and it will be very enjoyable. As part of 1A we now get free physiotherapy and extra S&C sessions along with access to all the other amazing facilities at the sports park. If you have ever played or wanted to play Hockey Surrey is the place to play. Regardless of level or experience there is a team for everyone. Along with the playing side of this club the social side is serious fun, you will have the best nights of you’re University career and make the best friendships, so if you want to play serious hockey and have the best social life at surrey then this is the place to be.

Men’s 2nd XI


Hello, I’m a second year biochemistry student and I’ve been playing hockey since the tender age of 7 years old.

Last year the hockey club saw great success, especially the men’s 2XI. The 2s comfortably secured the league and cup double, earning promotion into the South Eastern 3A/3B league, going unbeaten but for one loss after the league was already secured. The club was also voted ‘club of the year’ for the second year in a row. Along with Promotion comes new challenges and a far more competitive league. This year, I aim to maintain our position in the South Eastern 3A/3B league, if not push for a third consecutive promotion.

If you’re new to the sport or you’re somewhat of a seasoned veteran, we are a large, diverse and welcoming society with top quality coaches and facilities at the Surrey sports park. You’ll make some great friends and have some serious fun on, and of course off, the pitch.


Both of our ladies’ 1st and 2nd teams secured promotion last season into the Southeastern 1A and 3A leagues respectively. Off the back of this success we’ve had enough interest to create a new ladies’ 3rd XI for the 2018/19 season which will be entered into the 5A league. Ladies training is every Monday from 18:00 – 20:00 and Thursdays 19:00-22:30 at AGP 3 on the sports park.

Ladies’ 1st XI

Hi guys, I’m Becky, and study veterinary medicine. I am the UOSHC Ladies 1s captain for the 2018/19 season, and can’t wait to meet all our new hockey players in September! I’ve loved and played hockey for years, so choosing a university with a good hockey club was key for me- having been a part of the L1s promotion to 1A, and witnessing the other 3 Surrey hockey teams get promoted, I could not imagine anywhere else having as much of an enjoyable, inclusive, and exciting club as Surrey. Hockey has helped me meet so many people, making amazing friends, and improving my hockey skills. BUCS (and Citrus) Wednesdays are now the highlight of my week, and I’m sure they’ll become yours as well!

Ladies’ 2nd XI

Hi all, my name is Sarah (more commonly known as Lewis) and I can truly say joining the hockey club in freshers was the best decision I’ve made while being at uni, having since enjoyed so many memorable moments both off of the pitch and just as many on it. Having been promoted this year the standard of hockey will rise, but I am keen to maintain a important value of the squad which is to ensure training and match days are fun and enjoyable whilst still remaining competitive. I look forward to seeing all your faces on the pitch and hope you have as an incredible experience as I have.

Ladies’ 3rd XI

My name is Iona, I’m a second year Sport and Exercise Science student and I am very excited to be the Ladies 3’s Captain next year. I used to play hockey before coming to university but not for a few years, but picking up my stick again this year has made me realise how much I love the sport and the fact that I want to focus on it a lot more next year. Having done the typical fresher thing of joining every club possible I can undoubtedly say that this this club has THE best atmosphere and vibe of any club at this university and is definitely something I would encourage everyone to be part of – ‘Active Freshers Fayre’ is a great way to get involved with the sport whether you are coming to try it out or coming with the ambition of being in a team, I hope to see you there!


Hello, I’m Beth!

I study Chemistry at the University and I’m also the new Mixed captain for this year. I joined the club because I’d always enjoyed playing at school and wanted to continue this throughout uni. Having not played for a few years I first went along to the small sided sessions on a Sunday and eventually started playing mixed matches. The mixed team plays on Sundays against other clubs and universities and is a great way of improving your skills without the pressure of highly competitive hockey. I’ve really enjoyed the social side of being part of the hockey club because its been a great way to meet new people; mixed hockey is for everyone so why not come and give it a go?

Im looking forward to meeting you all in September.

Small Sided

Hi, we are Tilly and Sarah and we will be running the small sided sessions this year. Our sessions will be aimed at helping people to improve their skills whether you are starting hockey for the first time or you’re a seasoned player. We aim to get as many people involved as we can and most of all for everyone to have fun!
Our small sided sessions run every Sunday 5:30-7pm. These are more relaxed and social sessions aimed at helping you to develop your hockey skills. Whether you’ve played before and don’t have time to commit to playing more than once a week, you haven’t played since school or you’ve never picked up a hockey stick in your life! Small sided is the session for you. Once a month we will be running an intramural tournament that will take place instead of the skills based session. This will give you a chance to put the skills you’ve learnt into practice by having a session full of small sided games. Team up with course mates, housemates or any mates willing to take on the challenge and watch your inner hockey legend come to life.


Everyone was so friendly and made us feel welcome straight away. They were really keen to get us involved with the rest of the hockey club which was really great!

Small sided is very welcoming and all inclusive. It doesn't matter what level you play at, everyone is included an encouraged to play. Its cheap and cheerful, no one takes themselves too seriousl and there is the opportunity to be involved in the mixed matches. You get invited to all the hockey socials, learn a new sport and make loads of new friends. I went from never having picked up a hockey stick to winning most improved player of they year!


Once a year during the Easter Holidays the Hockey Club makes itself known by taking an excursion to an extremely sort after exotic location. With outrageous fancy dress, convivial chants and a lust for a good time we’re hard to miss. You will make friends in the Hockey club but this is where you make friends for life.

More details for TOUR 2019 to be released throughout the year.

Believe the hype.

This is definitely worth saving your liver for.


Hey I’m Antonia and I’m a 3rd year vet student and this year’s Tour Secretary for the Hockey club. This year will see me through my third tour and I’m extremely excited to make it bigger and better than ever! There have been some of the most memorable moments of my university experience on these trips so here’s to making it some of yours too!

Hiya! I’m Amber George and am delighted to be one of your social secs for the upcoming year. I am a second year Media student and have a passion for hockey which has only been enhanced since joining the university. If I hadn’t joined the hockey club I honestly don’t know what I’d have done with myself (especially Wednesday nights!)

Hello, my name is James Allen (Murse) and I’m currently training to be a nurse. I’ll also be one half of your social secs next year! I have been part of the hockey club for 2 years now; before university I had never picked up a hockey stick before, but now I’m starting to play more and more regularly. The hockey club has been the best part of my uni experience so far and the reason I joined was for the socials, (I am so glad I did!) The people were so welcoming and all the socials were really fun which encoraged me to keep learning to play.


A majority of our members would agree that they came for the hockey, but its the social aspect that kept them coming back! Over the course of the year we’ll have lots planned, including bar crawls, sober socials and the odd occasion that requires you to pull out your Sunday best and scrub up for Christmas and End of Season dinners. Most importantly, we’ll be representing as a club every week in Citrus without fail, we’ll be waiting for you by the bottle bar so come along and say hi!

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